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There are many decisions that parents need to make for their children including their education. This article outlines the benefits of choosing an international school in Bangkok compared to any other educational institution in the capital. If you are still not sold with the idea, here is a list of reasons why you should choose an international school for your child.

  • Parents who plan to send their children to a University in the western part of the world later in life should invest in an international school as their foundation. This is because of the seamless integration of the curriculum followed by international schools in Bangkok with ones that are offered in overseas universities. In comparison to a local government institution, international schools are of the same standard as the majority of the universities located in the United Kingdom or the United States.
  • There is no denying that English remains to be the universal language in the world and it will remain so for the longest time in the future. This is the reason why, despite the global recognition given to China and India, many are still keen to learn the English language in order to communicate with people from all parts of the globe. For students that are moving forward to study in the US or UK, it is essential for them to be fluent in the English language in order to adapt.
  • When children are confined to a local government school in Thailand, they are exposed only to the local culture and traditions. Students enrolled in international schools, however, get to learn more about the western culture. This is an important asset for those who are dreaming to get into a global organization one day or even work in overseas companies.
  • The teaching methods followed by instructors in international schools are modern compared to those from local government schools that still follow the traditional method of teaching. With modern methods, students are able to freely express their ideas and exchange information with fellow learners. Modern equipment and high-tech teaching strategies at an international school in Bangkok improves one’s critical thinking to ensure the student will stay ahead among their peers.