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Esplanade Mall is a smaller mall in Thailand where you find a good selection of shops, restaurants and cafes. It’s actually a place similar to other mega malls in the city except spending for not that much money. Therefore, you’ll want to book in a hotel near Esplanade Mall to suit your budget.

The Location: Located at the Ratchadapisek Road, you can easily find and get to the Esplanade. The easiest way to get there is through the underground train to the Thailand Cultural Centre station. You’ll just have to follow the signs for Esplanade and walk two blocks towards the mall.

The Atmosphere: With its modern look in and out, what you’ll first notice in this Mall is an incredible row of cool cafes. You’ll want to relax in a terrace-style seating while overlooking the small indoor pools. You’ll find a Caffe Nero, Coffee World, Starbucks and many more, all set on the main floor of the mall. It’s the best place to watch people passing by.

Shopping: The Esplanade Mall has three storeys of stores, including boutiques, beauty and health shops, pharmacy,lifestyle stores, jewellery shops and tiny kiosks selling gift items. There’s also a large15 book store, shops for Nike, Puma, Rolex and a lot more. The small boutique stores offer various clothing that fits people of various sizes. And you’ll be amazed at home affordable the prices are. Once done, you’ll hope to return to your hotel near Esplanade Mall to rest and relax.

Restaurants: You have so many options in Esplanade if you’re here to 152 eat and dine. The restaurants here offer the best cuisines of the world. You have choices of Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, American and Thai food. So, if you’re here to fill your hungry stomach, there really is something in store for you.

Once your done dining, dessert or coffee, you should never miss grocery shopping on the basement floor. The supermarket can offer you amazing varieties of imported merchandise from Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Australia, America and UK. Its prices are a lot cheaper than other supermarkets, and if you have a card from the supermarket, you’ll even get it cheaper.