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Visiting Vietnam in time for its local New Year celebration known as Tet is something worth experiencing. This is when tourists would book Hoi An Hotel because the entire city transforms for the Lantern Festival. For those who have time to spend in the country, staying at Hoi An for a week would be ideal because that is how long the celebration lasts. During this time, colourful lanterns by the thousands are hanging between Hoi An Bridge and the Hoai River Square.

Coffee lovers should not miss a visit to Buon Ma Thuot which is known in the county as the heart of the coffee-making industry. It is situated in a central highland that comes with beautiful waterfalls along with traditional villages that belong to the Ede tribe. This is also where one can try the internationally popular civet coffee also known as kopi luwak. Make sure that the business follows the appropriate animal welfare.

One of the prettiest spots in Vietnam is Halong Bay because of its turquoise water and abundance of limestone towers. There are also cruise ships docking every time to give passengers the chance to see its beauty. At the end of the day, the tourist spot is still crowded regardless. For those who are looking for peace and serenity, it is best to try the Bai Tu Long Bay because the scenery is also to die for yet it is not as crowded.

Give yourself a time to compose and look into how churches in Vietnam are. There is a church located in Tay Ninh tagged as the unlikely sacred city on earth. Every time, the monks have to pray four times day while those who are visiting only for a day trip were able to join the prayers at lunch.

All over the world, when people say Pho they immediately relate it to Vietnam. This is because the dish is considered as a staple of the locals. When staying at Hoi An Hotel, it is no fun to just eat and hang around there. Grab the chance to find out where the best pho is located in the area.