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You probably do not know anything about what goes on behind the video gaming industry but everybody from the giant to small players are looking forward to innovations that will enhance performance and player experience. Everywhere you look, you will notice that simplicity and ease of use are triumphing over depth and complexity so as to serve the mass market.


Nowadays, video games are no longer the exclusive domain of antisocial and rich teenagers because it has become a part of commercial mainstream. The impact of video games has become far-reaching and the gaming industry is now leading cutting edge innovations in processor design, computer graphics and artificial intelligence.  During the recession, when many Americans lost their jobs and homeowners were forced into foreclosures, the video game industry remained resilient and continued to grow year after year.

Worldwide sales of video games have reached billions and they are now competing with the most successful Hollywood blockbusters in terms of revenue. Annual sales of video software and hardware were also posted in billions of dollars because people are more than willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a video game console and software even during those times when are they are being evicted from their homes. Video games provide the outlet to help them forget about their financial troubles and depressing situation.

Why are video games so appealing? Because of the high cost of entertainment, people prefer to spend time at home with video games as an inexpensive form of entertainment next to the television. When gasoline prices are fluctuating, the term “staycation” became the trend, meaning the people preferred to stay at home than travel because it is a cheaper option. To prevent boredom, an individual turns to video games for entertainment.

Innovations have also played a key role in the success of the video game industry because products are designed to satisfy the growing needs of different segments of the population. There are video games that have been developed for mental acuity, for physical fitness or as educational games for children. Yes, indeed there are a lot of people benefitting from video games even when there are times that it is assumed as addiction.