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It is very likely that you were overwhelmed by the number of choices available in floor tiles for sale that is supposed to be for the bathroom. You choice should not only be based on the colour or design of the bathroom tile but its size, hygiene, maintenance, comfort and price.

The size of the bathroom will greatly affect your choice because very large tiles can make the bathroom look smaller. The best option is to choose from the small and medium-sized bathroom tiles that work well for most bathroom sizes.

The floor tile that you should choose must be water-resistant because bathrooms are usually damp and wet. If the tiles are not sealed and maintained properly, germs could multiply quickly. There are tile materials that require very little maintenance. If you are considering natural stone tiles because of their beauty, think twice because they require more care and maintenance and regular sealing compared to other materials.

Many forget to think about their own comfort when choosing tiles for the bathroom. Do you know that natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles are very cold to step on? It is very likely that you will regret the decision to install those types of tiles after stepping on them on a cold winter morning.

Another important factor to consider is the price. Bathroom tiles come in different prices. Some materials like vinyl are affordable for most budgets. Natural stone tiles are quite expensive and more suitable for other areas of the home, not the bathroom. Laminates are cheap and easy clean but moisture can be a real issue. Pools of water on the surface could cause the laminate tiles to buckle and warp if not cleaned immediately.

Ceramic tiles comprise most floor tiles for sale because they are popular choice of many homeowners. Their texture prevents slip and fall accidents making them perfect for bathrooms. It is available in a wide range of colours, patterns, sizes and shapes and could easily create an aesthetically beautiful bathroom floor. However, they are slightly challenging to install compared to vinyl. Vinyl is resistant to moisture and stains and can be pretty affordable.