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Many couples are now deciding on outdoor weddings because it is budget-friendly and easier to organize. After all, there is event marquee hire on the Gold Coast that delivers high quality tents for an affordable cost. The actual setup can be a challenge but with an event management team, everything will be organized up to the smallest details.

Before you hire a marquee tent, make sure that you have decided on a reception style and the number of guests that will be invited. This will affect the type of tent that you will hire. There are different options to choose from – traditional, frame or the giant conical tents. The site of the reception is also a factor that has to be considered because traditional marquees cannot be erected on courtyards or tennis courts. A frame-style marquee is the most suitable option for this purpose.

There are marquees with windows and doors but there is also an open style. You can also choose the items you want to be incorporated inside the tent. If you want a garden theme, you can add your favourite tree, pond, foliage and flowers. If you are not very creative, there are wedding planners that will assist you.

Wedding venues also have event management teams that will help you in choosing the banqueting tables. Do you prefer round, square or long tables? Let the team help you decide because it would be difficult to do it alone. The wedding planner can talk to suppliers, decorate the venue, take delivery of all goods and manage the day. The wedding planner is also prepared to deal with all the challenges so that you will be completely stress-free.

Aside from the hiring a large marquee for the reception, it is important to consider smaller tents to be used as rest rooms. This is very important if the wedding is held in a beach where there are no rest rooms.

The best option for outdoor weddings is a company that can deliver event marquee hire on the Gold Coast with logistics and site management. The event management team will ensure that everything will run smoothly and provide you with everything you expect.