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Bangkok is currently one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia. This metropolitan city holds a lot of promise to travellers such as local delicacies, street food, culture, shopping and night life. With the tourism boom, there are many hotels in Bangkok Thailand opening in every street corner. There is no shortage of accommodation for every type of tourist. For first time travellers in the kingdom, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

When choosing a hotel, it is ideal to book on that is close to the MRT station or the Skytrain. Locals and tourists who have been to Bangkok before can attest to the road traffic therefore it is wiser to use these two public transports. You surely don’t want to spend your holiday in Bangkok while stuck in traffic most of the time.

English may be the universal language but not every Thai are fluent in speaking English therefore asking for directions regarding your hotel location might present to be a challenge. When booking a hotel, get the address written in local dialect so you can easily get on a taxi and show where you are heading to. It also helps to learn the basic local phrases to converse with the locals.

Before booking, research about the different areas in Bangkok to know where the best one to stay in. There are areas that are not suitable for tourists to stay in. One of the most popular among tourists is central Sukhumvit because it is close to a lot of things. For those who wanted to experience more of the culture in Thailand, there are hotels in Khaosan and Old Siam.

When traveling with the whole family, inquire beforehand if the hotel you wanted to book is family-friendly. There are many hotels in Bangkok Thailand that are catering to families during their trip. A family-friendly hotel does not only provide all the amenities but it should also be located in a safe and wholesome area where kids will not be subjected to the nightlife of the city. To make sure about this, read reviews online from previous guests.