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Bugs and insects are a major scare for any home. These irritating insects also carry a lot of health problems. They enter the home from outside and wreak havoc inside the home and damage the furniture.

Investing in the services of Newcastle pest control is always advisable to inspect and eliminate pests. These simple tips will help in keeping the insects away.

  1. Avoid pest bridges like tree branches and shrubs. Always trim the branches of the trees and plants the shrubs at a distance, do not allow them to touch any part of the home. This will reduce the chances of pests entering the home through these trees and shrubs. Use ground cover like stone and rock that do not provide shelter for the pests.
  2. Repair the tiny cracks in doors and windows. These tiny gaps provide passageway for the insects. Always use good quality screens to prevent insects like mosquitoes and flies entering inside.
  3. Carry out a regular inspection of both the interior and exterior of the home. Keep a close watch for any gaps in the foundation, gaps in the utility lines and pipes and gaps in the roof. Take immediate action to cover any gaps with copper mesh or any other suitable material.
  4. Keep home and surroundings clean. Regularly clean the trash cans and place cans with tight lids to avoid breeding grounds for insects and bugs.
  5. Check the garden for presence of standing water. Standing water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  6. Place the exterior lights away from the house instead of placing them near the door. Use lights that attract fewer flies.
  7. Always check the sinks and drains. They are the breeding places of insects like cockroaches and small flies. Do not let any debris to collect in these drains and always keep them clean and fresh.
  8. Maintain general cleanliness in and around the home. Clean houses attract fewer insects.

These simple tips work well to keep insects and pests away. But if you do not have the time to carry these maintenance works, then invest in the maintenance contracts of Newcastle pest control services to keep your home safe from pest infestations.