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A clean and tidy office or storefront is essential to portray a positive image to the prospective clients. Most of the clients associate the appearance of the office or the storefront with the quality of products and services offered by the business. A clean office attracts customers and helps to create a positive brand image.

Most of the businesses prefer to outsource the cleaning function to reputed cleaning companies. The benefits of outsourcing to professional cleaning companies, like showpiece services, outweigh the costs. The presence of a number of cleaning companies makes the job of selecting the perfect cleaners challenging.

Here are some of the important considerations to pick the right cleaning company

  1. Select a cleaning company that has adequate insurance. The cleaning company should have adequate bonding and general liability insurance. Adequate insurance protects you from any liabilities, if the janitorial staff of the cleaning company suffer any accidents and also takes care of any damages to the furniture and property.
  2. Select a cleaning company with adequate experience in the industry. Experienced cleaning companies, like showpiece services, have all the systems in place to tackle emergencies. They have well trained staff and use the best quality products.
  3. Once you have a list of few preferred companies, call the company and request a site visit. Most of the reputed cleaning companies like showpiece services, offer free site visit and quotation to the prospective clients.
  4. Ask the company for references of previous clients. Professional companies willingly provide the contact details of their previous clients. The websites of cleaning companies are also best places to read customer feedback and testimonials.
  5. The management of the cleaning company should be open to discuss any issues with the clients. The managers should be professional and easy to approach in case of any emergencies.
  6. Compare the costs quoted by two or three of your preferred cleaning companies. The pricing should be transparent and the company should not charge any hidden costs. Look closely for all the inclusions and exclusions before you compare the quotations of different companies.
  7. Select a reputed and professional cleaning company like, showpiece services, to take care of all the cleaning requirements of the office or commercial premises.