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There are different types of basin such as freestanding, vanity, above counter, semi recessed, inset and wall. The type you should choose will be dependent on the space you have inside your bathroom.

First thing you have to consider when deciding what basin to pick out is the users – it can be for adults, kids, the guests coming to the house or for all. You will then be able to decide the number of basins you require, the material to choose and the ideal shape. If your house has a rush hour every morning, double basin could be useful. For ensuite, above counter type is ideal but bathrooms used by kids or an entire family should have either vanity or inset basin.

There are six basic types of bathroom basins – freestanding, wall basins, above counter, vanity, under counter and semi recessed basins.

For wall basin, this type is fixed to the bathroom wall with the help of brackets and it does not need a vanity to be installed. This is great if you have limited space in your bathroom or if you are going for a minimalist design. It can either be further improved with the use of pedestals and shrouds. Pedestals are positioned between the floor and the basin and ideal to be used as cover for the exposed plumbing as well as a unique fixture inside the bathroom. Shrouds, on the other hand, are shorter than pedestals and are only used as cover for the plumbing.

Vanity basins are those fitted with console sinks and counters. They can’t be installed alone and must be paired with the right vanity. There are many different types of vanity basins such as inset, self rimming, semi-recessed, above and under counter vanity basins. The freestanding basins are ideal for people who are looking for a statement piece inside the bathroom. This type is not only stylish and beautiful but indulgent as well.

Aside from the type of basins, there are also many designs to choose from when deciding for a bathroom basin. If you are going for a natural theme, take a look at natural stonewash basins. The key is to take your time in researching more about the different bathroom basins before deciding on what you want to get.