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Moving can be a hassle. But finding the right furniture removalists in Sydney or wherever it is you’re going to can help alleviate a lot of the stress. The right removalists are the ones who’ll do the job as professionally and conveniently as possible.

Here’s some tips on how to find them.

Review and refer

Two of the best ways to see if a removalist is good is to check for recommendations and to ask family, friends and colleagues for recommendations. It’s one thing to see corporate advertising, it’s another to see what actual customers think of any furniture removalists in Sydney or any other company.

Make sure they’re accredited by the AFRA

The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) only gives accreditations to removalists that adhere to their strict standards. That means that any removalist with their accreditation is trustworthy, professional and updated. On top of all of that, AFRA members are required to have public liability insurance, third property and motor vehicle insurance, as well as Carriers Legal Liability Insurance, should the worst come to pass. The FindĀ  A Removalist website is a good place to check.

Get a written quote

Use an inventory list to see what you’ll be moving, what you might be moving, and how many boxes you’ll need. Let the removalist know as much about the property you’re moving to as you can, like the layout of stairs and elevators, size of the door frames, etc. Remember to take note and itemise of everything that could potentially affect the cost of the move.

Check the fine print

Ensure that you go through the contract, checking the pickup and delivery address, the dates and times of moving, the list of the things being moved, insurance, on top of the terms and conditions. Check carefully, as there might be hidden costs. Fair Trading NSW recommends not pre-paying and providing credit card details beforehand in case you opt out or go for another provider.

Should worst come to pass…

Make sure you have insurance to cover your stuff in case they get damaged during transit. AFRA-accredited removalists have insurance, but they can’t protect your stuff if it gets damaged while moving, which is why you want to have transit and storage insurance to protect your stuff while being relocated and/or are being housed in a storage facility.