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Sitting all day is terrible for health; it ruins posture, kills the back, and can cut down people’s lifespan by a lot. That’s why adjustable electric desks have become popular, as more and more employers are looking to try and help out their employees with their posture. Anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much time sitting, taking advantage of such a desk is a no-brainer.

But, of course, it’s another tool in the office toolbox, which means it won’t be worth much if you don’t use it right. We mean knowing how to use it, as well as  knowing how to use it without annoying everyone else around you.

Here’s some tips.

Don’t be smug about it

You know you’re using electric desks in order to extend your lifespan, on top of helping your back and your posture. But that’s no reason to rub it on everyone else’s face. Stand tall and proud, but, please, have some consideration for everyone else.

Stand right

This one shouldn’t really need mentioning, but hey, we’re going to mention it anyway. Stand properly.  These desks, useful as they might be, won’t do much for you if you stand like Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, because standing, on its own, can’t ease the strain on your back and your neck. Keep your monitor at eye level, and make sure not to rest your arms and elbows on the desk.

Don’t peep all over the place

The standing desk provides a very different view of the office. Office cubicles, and all of their contents, are all in sight range. Have a little respect for your co-workers’ professional space and personal lives, and keep your eyes on your own work.

Invest on comfortable footwear and/or a good mat

Nothing will stonewall your standing-desk space like painful footwear; standing around for a few minutes is tough, let alone throughout a whole work day. Make sure you have shoes with proper arch support, like sneakers, ready to be worn when you need to stand after meetings. If that’s not an option, then a cushioned mat will help a lot.

Learn how to adjust your desk

There are electric desks that elevate your work space from a sitting to a standing position with a simple pull of a lever, giving you options. The problem? They can be quite finicky, and adjusting them without something getting disturbed can be difficult. You might want to make sure you’re able to adjust your desk with little fuss.