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Communication and cooperation are key to an organisation performing effectively. Regardless of the nature, the environment, and the size of the organisation, making sure that everyone can communicate and cooperate effectively is key. For that reason, team building activities are becoming more and more popular.

But like any tool in the corporate work space, team building activities need the right mindset and approach in order to be the most effective. To help you out, here are some tips.

Have common goals and visions

The point of team building is to improve on the team’s performance. To that end, everyone needs to be on the same page on what the vision and goals are for the team; where you want the team to go, and what you want them to create, so you can help team members understand how their efforts help the team, and how important they are to team.

Clarify roles and responsibilities

One of the main issues that organisations face is the lack of clarity of what each individual’s role and responsibilities are. This needs to be rectified, as not addressing them make its hard to achieve your team’s goals and visions. Make sure to clarify people’s roles, their responsibilities, and where these overlap with other people’s or department’s.

Make sure management is supporting efforts

The people at the top; supervisors, managers and owners, play a key role at making sure that team building activities, as well as the team itself, work their best. They need to do what they can to ensure that the learning is sustained, and that people are always learning and improving.

Head out of the office

E-mails, voice mails, and other urgent items in the office will distract people from team building, as they take precedence in the office. To ensure the effectiveness of team building, do it outside of the office, away from the usual distractions. Think about where your staff would work in best, someplace formal or someplace adventurous?

Learn what your team needs

More than just something for team building, knowing what your team needs works wonders ┬áto making sure that the team works its best. To that end, make sure that the organisation allows for open communications, and that everyone can feel comfortable in bringing up their needs. Learn what they need in order to enhance their work and efforts, and make sure to invest in making sure people’s needs are addressed.