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Having a restaurant isn’t just about the food. That’s important, yes, but you also need to make sure that the environment for the food is just as great and delectable as the food itself. Ask anyone who handles restaurant fitouts in Canberra or anywhere else, no restaurant, no matter how good their food and service is, can succeed without a good layout.

So how, then, do you create a successful restaurant space? Here’s some tips.


First off, you have competition; lots of competition. You need to make sure your restaurant stands out by giving it a definitive and unique personality. That will be the lynchpin of your interior design. It doesn’t have to be grand, it doesn’t have to be big; it’s just about what the food represents and who your audience will be. You want to make sure your restaurant tells a story, something worth sharing and worth coming back to.


Effective lighting works wonder when it comes to setting the tone, mood and atmosphere of a location, and restaurants are most definitely not an exception. You need to use lighting to create a space that feels appropriate to the personality of the restaurant. It’s not just a matter of putting lights all over the place though, it’s about using natural and warm-coloured lighting to make the place feel welcoming, to give it a vibe that says ‘You can enjoy your meal here’.

Stand-out elements

Once you’ve decided on the personality your restaurant will have, you can then proceed to differentiating it from the rest of the pack. That’s not something that can be done by plastering decorations on every wall, however, but by adding unique design elements and stand-out pieces that reflect your restaurant’s chosen theme. Take note of positioning, too, as these stand-out elements can work wonders when it comes to defining a particular section of your restaurant.

Effective use of space

Of course you can’t forget the basics. No matter what varying advice any company that handles restaurant fitouts in Canberra might hand out, they’ll always remind you to make the best of whatever space you have to work with. Make sure that the space is functional, with sufficient leeway for the kitchen, deliveries, toilets, employee entrances, as well as enjoy room for customers and employees to comfortably move around.