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The level of your professional training in diving is enhanced when you are in a scuba instructor course. The qualified instructors will assist you in tweaking your capabilities in diving as well as help you polish up your diving skills.

If you want to hone your diving skills, the scuba instructor course in Thailand will give you the perfect training on the proper ways of becoming a scuba instructor. This profession involves the most careful training because of its risks being under the water. You need to learn all the basic steps and techniques in scuba diving with excellence and accuracy before you can become a scuba instructor.

Enrolling in a competent scuba instructor course in Thailand is essential before you become a certified scuba instructor. The program includes the following items:

  • It is a 14-day program and followed by an Instructor Examination for two days.
  • Emergency response course
  • 2 days preparatory instructor diving course which is optional, and includes skill and theory review.
  • 60 recorded dives before you can enrol in the instructor diving course and 100 recorded dives to get an instructor examination.
  • Emergency response for primary as well as secondary care training within the last 24 months.
  • Medical certificate signed by a licensed physician within the prior 12 months.
  • Becoming an emergency response instructor.

What you will learn in the scuba instructor course:

  1. You will learn how to lead all core PADI courses.
  2. You can organize and provide information about the course and conduct training on skills development.
  3. You will develop your public speaking skills, learn to control and supervise student divers, and develop your skills in underwater demonstration.
  4. The program teaches you how to be proactive and anticipate common problems while providing the proper solutions when training the student divers. You will also learn the right positioning close enough to respond.

The scuba instructor course is an interesting program for diving enthusiasts. It allows you to travel around the world, meet new friends, visit exciting places, and experience various cultures while working as a scuba instructor.