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Have you ever wondered how bubble wrap came to be? Actually, the invention of bubble wrap was accidental because the idea of the two engineers who pioneered in its creation was plastic wallpaper. Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes eventually realized that their invention can be used as an ideal cushioning material for packaging.

You can consider me a member of bubble wrap fans club who get their thrill from popping the air-filled bubbles. Am I depressed or stressed? Of course not but it has become a habit to pop bubbles whenever I come across the cushioning material in packages. It is fact that this packaging material is very popular for packaging considering that is not only useful but environmentally friendly. Bubble wraps are recyclable and can be used for other purposes after removing them from the package.

Bubble wraps are intended to minimize the movement of products placed inside corrugated boxes used for shipping. It is important to use an adequate amount of bubble wrap on all sides and corners to ensure protection against breakage and shocks. It is easy to check if you have used enough bubble wrap. When you are done with packaging, shake the box and feel whether the product is still moving. If it moves, you need to add more of the packaging material.

Bubble wraps are generally available in different types and sizes to satisfy cushioning requirements. For example, if you are going to protect sensitive electronic parts, you can make use of anti-static bubble bags. Never make the mistake of using bubble wraps that have been popped because it can no longer provide necessary protection. When air has leaked from the bubble wrap, the cushioning ability is diminished. Sometimes, the bubble bag may not provide the protection you desire which means adding more bubble wrap inside the box to secure the product against rough handling.

Bubble wrap is easily available at packaging supply stores and moving companies. If you happen to own an online store that ships products to customers, it is suggested to buy Paper Mart bubble wrap in bulk to gain better deals.