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If you have been observant with digital technology, you will notice how it evolves with spectacular speed. Improvements are particularly noticeable in the gaming industry. In earlier years, the trend was black and white 3D games like Pong that evolved into the first 3D game. There is no doubt that the gaming industry has benefited a lot from digital technology from 3D Monster Maze in 1981and first shooters in Wolfenstein  3D in 1992 to the more complex Battlefield in 2011.


Some of you may be surprised that 3D has been existence for about a century ago but it did not prosper because of the high costs. It is only in recent years that we have experienced 3D technology not only in films but on gaming because of improved hardware capabilities. Immersive stereoscopic #D rendering capabilities have received numerous sportive reviews from both game developers and online reviews.

Today, the market for smartphones and tablet computers have definitely boomed and we can see the competition among the industry giants like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Everyone is now in a rush to develop a gaming device that will be attractive and interesting to players. For example, the newly released Wii U Game Pad features the new touchscreen technology that improves function and the excitement of the player.

Even Microsoft is catching with the competition in the gaming industry with introduction Xbox Smart Glass. Unlike Wii Game Pad, the app acts as an additional tool that players can interact with. The app can easily be downloaded into a smartphone or tablet so as to enhance the gaming experience. Nowadays, players prefer to use their mobile gadgets for playing games instead of other technology platforms because it is not only more fun but convenient in as much people cannot live without their mobile gadgets.

Sony has also taken a step to integrate their Play Station Console 3 with a handheld device called PS Vita through a cross-play feature that allows the gamer to stop playing on one device and resume the play on another device. If you will look at the path future gaming is heading you will notice that have actually become cheaper and more creative.