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Thailand is popularly known as ‘Gluay Mhai’, which means the land of orchids. The country is home to more than 1500 species of orchid flowers. Orchids are used in this region from ancient times as medicine and food for humans, as fodder for animals and to decorate the homes and offices. Orchids are popular associated with friendship, elegance and nobility.

Thailand is popular as the exporter of orchids. They export orchids to many countries across the world. There are many farms that sell Thailand orchids wholesale prices in Bangkok and other major cities.

There are many varieties and colours in orchids. Here are some of the most commonly available Thailand Orchids wholesale colours and their intended meanings. Knowing the variety of the orchids and their symbolizations will help you select the right flowers to gift your loved ones and convey the message without using any words.

  • Blue – There are many varieties of blue colour orchids. Blue colour orchids are available in a wide range of shades and tints of blue. The colour blue represents rarity.
  • Red – Red colour symbolizes strength and courage. These orchids are also used to convey passion and desire.
  • Pink – Pink is the most commonly available colour in Thailand orchids wholesale market and it symbolizes innocence and femininity. Pink orchids are also used in occasions that symbolize happiness and joy.
  • Purple – Purple orchids are the most commonly used orchids in wedding décor. They symbolize royalty, dignity and admiration. They perfectly match any kind of colour scheme enhancing the visual appeal of a space.
  • Yellow – Use yellow orchids to convey message of friendship and joy. Yellow orchids are also used to symbolize new beginnings.
  • Orange – Orange orchids are used to symbolize courage and boldness. They also convey the message of pride and enthusiasm.
  • Green –Select green orchids for special occasions. They symbolize blessings for good fortune. Green orchids also symbolize good health and longevity.

Now that you know the meanings of different coloured orchids, buy these beautiful flowers from Thailand orchids wholesale farms and gift them to your loved ones. These farms grow orchids in every possible variety and colour. They also export orchids to the countries all over the world.