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Every year on the 31st of October, people whether young or old dress up in the scariest and sometimes most obnoxious Halloween costumes. According to a survey in 2014, an average of 77.52 dollars is spent during Halloween. It also seems to rise annually. Clearly, people are invested in making their current Halloween costumes better than the previous.

Halloween has origins in Samhain. This was a Celtic festival that means “summer’s end”. People left food to pacify the souls of those deceased which were restless. This included demons, witches and fairies. Aside from food, people clothed like them to get goods or treats too.

November 1st came to be known as All Hallows or All Saint’s Day during the 9th century in Britain. The night prior to All Hallows called All Hallows Even evolved to now what is called as Halloween. Processions, performances and some tricks kicked off the winter during this time. In Ireland, people went from door to door by following a man with clothes signifying a mare made from a sheet. In Wales, children dressed as their opposite gender as they go from door to door too.

Scottish and Irish immigrants brought their traditions with them to the United States in the 18th to the 19th centuries. Their traditions came to mix with those from Netherlands, Germany and Haiti immigrants. Halloween was celebrated differently in America but the notion that it was when spirits came out was still universal.

Halloween takes off in the Victorian age and the Industrial Revolution. People were told to get connected to their surroundings and nature, and this was the inspiration for most Halloween costumes. In the 20th century, masquerades were popular too.

Now, Halloween has already become a nationwide celebration in America. Some people create their own costumes while others buy through TV Store Online Costumes. Hollywood movies and TV series are the most common inspiration for these costumes. Adults dress up as famous characters, animals or witches. Kids dress up as royalty through princess costumes for girls and superhero costumes for boys. Pet-lovers also have their pets dressed in costumes as hotdogs, pumpkins and devils.