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It’s a great opportunity to travel to the “Land of Smiles” Thailand. People are dying to enjoy a fun and exciting trip to this city. If you’re out here for a budget or moderate spending spree, you’ll definitely have a great place to stay. To ensure you have a nice time here, feel free to be booked in a Lumpini hotel for convenience.

As you want the best for your vacation in Bangkok, you need to choose the right place on where you will be staying. If you have a nice Lumpini hotel accommodation, you can make a difference to make memories here or regret it for a lifetime.

Luckily, there are many high-quality hotels with affordable nightly rates. You can also choose budget hostels and guesthouses if you want to save for your accommodation. If you can afford, why not spend the nights sleeping in a luxury Lumpini hotel. It’s also very accessible to places you wish to go, such as tourist attractions, shopping centres, restaurants and nightlife.

What to Know about Bangkok’s Seasons?

  • April to late September is hot and wet season. The hottest month is in April with 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 degrees Celsius. Towards September, you’ll experience downpours of heavy rain which can last for few hours. These months are considered low season, so you have room rates costing 20% to 40% discounts.


  • October till February is cool season. The temperature here is about 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 29 degrees Celsius with low to moderate humidity. The temperature is slightly cooler after the rainfall. It’s actually the best time to be in Bangkok; however, prices for accommodations cost more.


  • Christmas and New Year: These popular holidays are much celebrated in Bangkok. If you’re coming during this season, expect to pay more due to the compulsory dinner and celebrations done by hotel management.

However, you can be in Bangkok anytime of the year. If you come on April, you can celebrate the Songhkran Festival, which is a wondrous celebration in Thailand. The price of a Lumpini hotel and other accommodations are variable although foreign visitors can still consider it affordable. You can certainly expect excellent quality in the rooms and services provided.