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A city that’s very much Asian, restaurants in Yangon feature the expected Asian fare. Great stuff, no doubt, but it’s also decided it could use some variety, and, as a result, the city’s been seeing in influx of international cuisine in the city.

Now, there’s Italian, Japanese, Thai, Korean and Western food alongside the expected Burmese, Chinese and Indian restaurants. There’s even some fast food restaurants and cafes, showing how the city’s food fare is now reflecting a more cosmopolitan outlet.

That means you won’t be finding the restaurants in Yangon lacking in options, and we’ve listed a few of them.

50th Street Bar and Grill
No. 9/13, 50th Street, Botataung Township

The best restaurants aren’t just about food, they’re also a place to sit back and hang out. The 50th Street Bar and Grill is famous for being such a spot, sporting a colonial facade that gives this place a calming atmosphere, perfect for enjoying pizza and western food with some live music, playing on the weekends.

Green Elephant Restaurant
33 Thirimingalar Lane (Attia/Augustine Road), Kamayut Township

For a more Burmese take on cuisine, the Green Elephant Restaurant in Yangon is a great place to visit. There are three branches located across the Myanmar, offering the best and healthiest in local Burmese cuisine. If you want, there’s even some Thai and Chinese food, just to keep your options open.

Le Planteur Restaurant and Bar
22 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township

One of the most recommended restaurants in Yangon, but also one of the pricier options, Le Planteur is famous for the fine dining experience it provides. Even the most discriminating of connoisseurs can find something to suit their tastes, with options ranging from salmon, lobster, prime rib and even foie gras, complimented with an impressive collection of wine and cheeses.

Aung Thukha
17-A 1st Street, West Shwegondine, Bahan Township, South of Thai Kitchen

A place famous among locals, Aung Thukha is the place to be for authentic Burmese cuisine. Featuring curries that include beef, goat, duck and other meats, you’ll get your fill here. Meals come with rice, soup, veggies, peanuts, palm sugar candy, as well as dessert and tea. Curry is also free to refill, though, take not, there isn’t much English to be heard here.