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For a guy, buying an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task. For example, a princess cut engagement ring entails a very big investment; however, it is a symbol of love and the willingness to take the relationship into the next level. Many men who have purchased engagement rings were inundated with concepts and terms that they have never heard before.


The first thing that a man must do before purchasing an engagement ring is to establish a budget. Most jewellers will provide different options that are within the price range. Do not be influenced by the marketing message that was crafted by De Beers to promote the importance of diamond engagement rings. Remember that it is not romantic to buy something that exceeds your budget. It is better to start a marriage without any major debts. However, there is nothing wrong with princess cut diamond rings as long as you can afford the price.

Many men are now visiting jewellers together with the girlfriend. If the wife-to-be picks out the ring, there will be no issues on size, stones and setting. She will pick the ring she wants to wear every day of her life. Making an engagement ring a surprise is well worth the expense and trouble if you know what your girlfriend desires.

Make sure not to make a mistake with the size. You got the perfect engagement ring but when you went down on your knees to make a proposal, the ring does not fit. It can be very awkward and embarrassing. Do not make a guess; ask a trusted friend to help you get the ring size. You can also swipe one of her rings while she busy doing other things. Be observant and know her preferences. Consider her personality and life style whether she will prefer a diamond or her birthstone.

When you enter the jewellery store, will be confronted with a lot choices from princess cut engagement rings to a 2-carat custom designed diamond ring. It is important to know the expectations of your future bride so that your choice will not disappoint her. By gathering all the necessary information beforehand, you can narrow down your search.