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Years, ago the rooftops of hotels were only used to store equipment. Nowadays, the space at the rooftop is transformed into a bar and restaurant with luxurious decor. The breath-taking views of the city provide the perfect backdrop for Sky Club in Bangkok that offers a wide range of world class culinary choices. Esteemed guests can take advantage of an ala carte menu with matching drinks while unwinding with friends.

Rooftop bars and restaurants are examples of revenue management strategies to generate profits from underutilized areas of a building. Independent hotels have came up with the concept to transform unused spaces at the rooftop into a bar or restaurant to differentiate themselves from the major players. The concept became successful in highly urbanized locations like New York City and Bangkok.

The idea of holding a party outdoors as long as it is permitted by weather conditions has created a buzz that generated profits. The new trend of transforming the unused space in the rooftop with luxurious décor, comfortable sofas and high priced drinks has become quite common. Eventually, the rooftop became a priced destination for both locals and tourists.

In some instances, the space is rented out to become a separate entity from the hotel. The conversion of rooftops has become popular since these locations are substantial profit centres with high returns on investment. In fact, at least 12% of New York’s hotels have rooftop bars. While the majority is independent hotels, international hotel chains have become receptive to the profitable idea.

Hotels use their rooftop bars and restaurants to increase their customers and differentiate the hotel from the competition. Having rooftop space has allowed hotels to have control over the unused space to generate more revenue. Everything in the rooftop is configured to satisfy customer requirements from the food served, lighting, music and entertainment.

One of the perfect examples of a rooftop that has been configured for guests is Sky Club in Bangkok that has a breath-taking view of the city. The décor includes comfortable chairs, lounge couches, modern layout and furnishings and relaxing areas. Guests are treated to authentic Thai cuisine and Asian fusion dishes with a wide selection of drinks and cocktails.