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The first decision I had to make while remodeling my bathroom was the type of cabinet to be installed. Choosing Bathroom Cabinets was easy in earlier days. It simply meant getting an additional storage space for bathroom utilities. But, the present trend of designer bathrooms has thrown open many options in cabinets, that are functional as well as offer aesthetic value.

Mirror cabinets are gaining popularity in recent times because they offer many advantages, along with providing the much-needed utility space.

  • Mirrors make a room appear larger and more spacious.
  • They allow light to pass through and create a perfect ambience in the room.
  • They reflect the light and make the bathroom appear bright and lively.

Mirror cabinets are available in different designs and materials like stainless steel mirror cabinets, aluminum mirror cabinets, wooden double door mirror cabinets and oak mirror cabinets for storage. The selection of the material depends on the theme and décor of the bathroom.

After considering various materials, I finally decided to opt for an oak cabinet. Using oak for mirrored cabinets has many advantages like:

  • Oak furniture needs less maintenance. It needs polishing once or twice a year to buff away minor scratches and dents.
  • The furniture made in oak is long lasting. Oak wood does not fade with time. The look of oak wood furniture improves with age.
  • Oak is durable and strong. It can bear more weight when compared to other types of wood and is more resistant to scratches and stains.
  • Oak offers a classic look and gels well with other elements in the décor to give a contemporary look.
  • Oak furniture is easily available in the market and it is easy to mix and match oak furniture with any type of décor.

Looking at so many advantages of using oak and mirrors, I installed oak mirror cabinets for storage in the bathroom. The wall-hung model perfectly suits my small bathroom. It freed up the tile space, making the room appear bigger.  The cabinets offer enough space to carry all the toiletries, while the mirror offers aesthetic look to my bathroom.