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More than 100 kilometres of coastline, welcoming and sandy beaches, waterfalls, and a long list of natural attractions, these are the things that Rayong has to offer. However, despite all of this, most hotel suites in Rayong tend to be ignored, as people favour the nearby Chonburichangwat. That’s been changing recently, with the province starting to emerge as a worthy tourist destination.

Located on the Gulf of Thailand, 200 kilometres away from the capital, Rayong province is a major agricultural province, knowing primarily for producing fruits, including the national fruit, Durian, known for its terrible aroma as much as its wonderful taste.

More importantly, however, the fact that it’s just starting to be recognized as a tourist destination means that not only are hotel suites in Rayong not a pain to book, but that the place holds the vestiges of the traditional Thai life that the more bustling destinations in the Kingdom no longer hold. If you’re interested, here are some of the places worth taking a look at in Rayong.

Hat Mae Ramphueng

One of the province’s better known attractions, Hat Mae Ramphueng is a huge expanse of sandy beaches that stretches 12 kilometres across the coastline, with a traditional fishing village sitting at the beach’s end. Thoughthere have been some swimming incidents here, it’s usually safe to swim, provided one stays near the beach. If you’re looking to visit, Bang Phe is the easiest access point.


An island destination enjoying a fair bit of popularity, thanks to being close enough to the capital to be good for weekend trips while being far enough to feel like a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the capital. The whole of the island is white sandy beaches, fit for water sports like canoeing, sailing, windsurfing and the like. For more terrestrial pursuits, the island is part of the Kaho-Laem-Yah KohSamet National Park, with hiking trails for those looking to enjoy the fresh air, with a rustic charm thanks to minimal developments.

KhaoChamaoKhao Wong Waterfall

Not far from the headquarters of eponymous National Park, the KhaoChamao-Khao Wong waterfall is a wonderful natural attraction, with tiers pushing into the skyline as crystal clear water streams down into the pools at the bottom, so clear you can actually see the fish in the stream. The waterfall covers an area of about three kilometres, and has bungalows and camping for those looking to enjoy the natural scenery. Take note, however, that this place, like hotel suites in Rayong, need booking in advance. Oh, and it’s only accessible on foot too.