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It is very likely that the boiler is one of your major investments for the home. However, the initial cost of the boiler is only a part of the total costs during the boiler’s lifespan. One of the major costs is fuel followed by boiler maintenance, repairs and servicing. The services are usually provided by Effective Heating Bradford to ensure that the boiler is operating safely and efficiently.

Ensuring that the boiler is running efficiently is critical to optimize fuel costs. Meanwhile, experts say that it is not true that boilers run at their rated efficiency. It has been found out that boilers operate lower than the rated efficiency if proper monitoring is not done.

A boiler has different components that contribute to its efficiency. Combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency are considered before the boiler is declared as efficient. Aside from these two efficiencies, there are losses that play a big role in deciding boiler efficiency.

Combustion efficiency is an indication of the burner’s ability to burn fuel. Two parameters that will determine combustion efficiency are the un-burnt fuel quantities in the exhaust and the excess oxygen levels also in the exhaust. When the amount of excess air is increased, the quantity of un-burnt fuel in the exhaust will decrease. The results will be a lowering in un-burnt fuel losses but an increase in enthalpy losses. A balance between the two parameters must be maintained for combustion efficiency.

Thermal efficiency means the effectiveness of the heat exchanger that transfers heat energy from the fireside to the waterside. When scale and soot has formed on the boiler tubes, thermal efficiency is affected.

Other parameters that can affect boiler efficiency include losses from ON and OFF, radiation losses, convection losses, blow down losses and many more. These sources of losses are usually measured over a period of time to determine whether the boiler is still efficient.

The task of determining boiler efficiency is best left to Effective Heating Bradford that has gas safety certified engineers who understands boiler functions. Annual servicing is very important if you want to avoid a boiler breakdown during winter particularly in the colder days.