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For many homeowners choosing the floor tiles for their homes could be both exciting and exhausting at the same time. There are many types of floor tiles to choose from, and with the printing technology enabling various designs; the choices could be extremely vast. Here are some of the types of tile flooring used in many homes.



Ceramic tiles could either be porcelain or non-porcelain. Porcelain tiles have fewer impurities compared to the latter, and tend to be denser, making it harder and tougher against moisture. It is a usual choice for areas that are often used, like kitchens or bathrooms. Non-porcelain ceramics, on the other hand, could be a more affordable option, costing only about 60% of the cost of porcelain ceramics. It is also a popular choice for homeowners who plan to cut and install the tiles themselves.



Marble is made with natural stone, making it a durable tile. It comes in different colours and textures, such as tumbled, polished, and honed. Marble may be more expensive than other tiles, but it adds great aesthetic value to the come. However, it is rather absorbent, which makes it susceptible to stains. It is often used indoors to keep it away from the elements.



Granite tiles are also made with natural stone. It has a very distinct look, with the minerals in the rock creating specks on the surface. Made from igneous rock, granite tiles are hard and dense. It is also scratchproof once polished. This makes it a popular choice for the kitchen and other busy areas in the house.



Onyx has a makeup similar to that of marble. However, it is calciferous, which makes it more fragile. To make it stronger, onyx is often mixed with fiberglass, resin, or mesh. Onyx tiles also vary in colour, so installers also need to consider the variation of colours so that it is aesthetically pleasing. These tiles are often used on countertops.



For those who want to add flair or personality into the walls or flooring, mosaic tiles are a popular choice. These tiles are often selected because they are decorative in nature. Stone, ceramic, and glass are the most commonly used materials in creating mosaic tiles.