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Good news for the Brits; football’s back! The exciting, big money, star filled, ultra-competitive world of the Premier League is back, and if you’re looking to ดูบอลออนไลน์ but are unable to use your TV, then live streaming is the option for you.  Live streaming for football isn’t too difficult to set up, which is good, because, let’s face it, the less time we spend not watching our football events, the better.

Here’s some tips for helping you.

Use a VPN

The Premiere League has fans outside of the UK; that much is true. If you’re not by the TV by kick-off, then there’s several online options, and, more importantly, a VPN service, which will let you watch football live via the internet, regardless of where you are in the world. However, there’s country lock for streaming services, meaning that if your IP address isn’t from the country it covers, you’ll be locked  out. That’s where a VPN comes in, which changes your IP address so it looks like you’re somewhere else.

Streaming in the UK

If you’re in the UK, then you have the option to subscribe to Sky Sports and BT Sport, while BBC only has highlights via Match of the Day. If you want to stream, a Sky Sports subscription lets you watch on your device via the Sky Go service, while BT Sport subscribers get the BT Sport app or for streaming. You also have the option of NOW TV, which even has weekly passes for Sky Sports on offer for £7.99/day.

Across the pond…

If you’re a football, or “soccer”, fan in the US, you’ve got it good. Thanks to NBC holding the rights to Premiere League matches, you can watch 230 games televised across the network group, including NBC SN, USA Network, TELEMUNDO and NBC Universo. For reference, BT has 42 games, Sky has 126; that’s right, US fans get access to more live matches than the Brits. If you want to get the most of streaming, then the paywalled NBC Sports Gold service is something you can go for, which allows for streaming on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and the like. If you don’t want to fork over cash for the season, DirectTV, Sling and Fubo have free trials.