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There are people suffering from oily skin. There are those battling with dry skin. What if you have combination skin? Treating two different skin issues can be mind-boggling but the truth is that the solution is simple. All you need are the right information, the suitable products to use such as combination skin organic treatments and you will be able to achieve balance that you so desired.

Combination skin is a state wherein the face contains dry and oily areas while the T-zone, which runs from forehead to nose going to the chin, can have medium or heavy oiliness. It does not matter where the area of the dry and oily skin are because the treatment for combination skin is the same.

There are many factors that could cause combination skin but the main reason can be pointed to genetics. It is important to use the right products such as combination skin organic treatments because choosing the wrong one could worsen your skin condition or it could be the underlying cause as well. If you know you have combination skin, follow the steps below to ensure proper care.

  • Choose a cleanser that is gentle. It is recommended to use lotion based or a gel based that is effective in removing makeup and dirt. A good cleanser should not make your skin feel greasy or tight afterwards. For extra cleansing, use only cleaning brush with very soft bristles.
  • Use a toner that hydrates and soothes. It should contain ingredients that replenishes the skin and has antioxidants. A toner with the right formulation will be able to nourish the skin dryness and will reduce the oiliness at the same time. This step is important and should always be included in your routine.
  • For an exfoliant, it should be gentle and is not abrasive. It is best to choose one that has a leave-on BHA because this will aid in removing the dead skin, prevent clogged pores and treats oily and dry skin. Combination skin requires BHA exfoliant that is either water or gel based.
  • Lastly, do not forget to use sunscreen during daytime and a moisturizer for nighttime routine. This well suit well with the combination skin organic treatments products and should be applied regularly.