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The efficient, reliable and exceptional delivery service offered by courier services in NZ extends to the real estate industry. Real estate agents gain a more cost effective and secure delivery service to ensure that important documents reach their destination. Property managers and real estate agents can now relax because there is courier service that will make timely deliveries of transactional documents and contracts.

A familiar scene is being played in Chatswood, a mixed residential and business district that is 20 minutes away by train from downtown Sydney. About 120 people are gathered outside the used 3-bedroom home is being auctioned off to potential buyers. One Asian woman who was talking on her phone in Chinese looks interested. Thirteen minutes into the auction she submitted the winning bid of 1,945,000 Australian dollars ($1.52 million) on behalf of an international client.

It can be assumed that the broker was delighted because the home fetched an additional 100,000 Australian dollars. It was more than what they expected. This is a common scene in the Australian property and the reason behind the skyrocketing housing prices. The broker and his client are happy and soon enough the transactional documents will be sent through courier services in NZ.

However, this scenario has made it difficult for the ordinary Australians to purchase their first home. They have to compete with cash-rich foreign buyers that are mostly Chinese at auctions. Home prices are up because of tight inventories, low interest rates and increased investments in the real estate market. In Sydney’s residential property market, the price index has increased by 70% over the past five years.

According to National Australia Bank, 20.8% of new properties in Melbourne were sold to foreign buyers during the April-June quarter. Estimates from Credit Suisse revealed that Chinese investors accounted for 80% of the demand.

Timely deliveries of documents and contracts through courier services in NZ are very important for brokers. Courier services fully understand that time is of the essence and they make sure that deliveries do not exceed deadlines. They are fully committed to safety and security of the documents from buyers, sellers and lending companies.