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If the leak on the roof is not discovered and repaired immediately, it can result to significant damages in the home. Homeowners are fortunate because Southern Cross Roofing is just a call away to check the source of the roof leak, to handle the repair and prevent the issue from recurring.

There are many reasons why roofs leak but the most common is age. As the house grows old, certain parts will deteriorate and one of them is the roof. The roof becomes brittle and cracks over time because it is constantly exposed to direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations.

Vents are penetrations on the roof that have to be sealed properly in order to prevent leaks. If you find pools of water on the floor, inspect the gaskets around the vent pipes. There may be cracks or gaps and missing nails. It is common for plastic vents to crack because they are always exposed to varying weather conditions.

Shingles on the roof can be lifted by the wind and rain driven underneath. This is common when the roof slope is too shallow. According to the International Building Code, roof slopes must be 2:12 for the installation of asphalt shingles. In case the roof slope is between 2:12 and 4:12, the roof installer needs to use a double layer of underlay material.

Roof maintenance need not necessarily be done by roofing professionals. Homeowners can remove debris like twigs, leaves and pine needles so that water will run off very quickly. If there are overhanging branches, trim them to minimize debris on the roof.

Gutters are installed on the roof to guide water away from the home’s basement and foundation. If the gutters are clogged with dried leaves and debris, water will flow slowly. A solution is to use a gutter cover so that water will flow freely and quickly.

Strong winds can rip off shingles. If you are afraid to climb a ladder to the roof, your best option is to call Southern Cross Roofing so that they can organize a free inspection. You will be given a quote for roof repair for the most competitive prices.