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Are you planning to sell your Brisbane home? You may need to renovate the house to completely satisfy your buyers and have it treated with pest control in Brisbane to ensure that there are no unwanted pests breeding in the house. If you have done all these, you ensure that you sell the house fast and hassle-free. Besides, it is necessary to have a pest controller check the property before putting it on the Brisbane Market.

The Benefits of Pre-Sale Inspection

As a seller, you want to get the best price when your home is sold. The only way to make it ready for the market is a renovation and pre-sale inspection. You need to wholly prepare the house to help attract more buyers and have it saleable.

If you have a pre-sale pest inspection, you have a higher chance to fix possible faults that are taking place or left unnoticed in your home. It’s the right time to find leaking pipes concealed in walls, or probably a termite activity leaving some damages. It’s also a chance to verify with a pest control in Brisbane if a contract exists or has expired.

Real estate agents realise that many financial institutions offer Brisbane home loans with mandatory lending criteria to obtain finance. That criteria are to have a property own a termite management system. Once the buyers find out that there is a termite problem, 99% of them will pull out from the sale and ask a substantial discount should they pursue the sale.

However, Brisbane buyers are now more educated when it comes to the pitfalls of buying a house. They choose not to have the house own a pre-sale pest inspection but invest in a home where they can spend thousands of dollars with no hidden damages. They may refer to a brand-new house, where they can make a loan and be approved by the financial institutions.

To make the house saleable, possible repairs or renovation are required. Termite infestation must be totally eradicated by a pest control in Brisbane and that there is a written agreement made between them. The agreement will show the seller and the buyer know the real condition of the house.