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pEver since Bill Cosby, ugly Christmas sweaters have become a popular trend not only with the older generation but with the younger ones as well. Although you might say that these sweaters are too tacky, it doesn’t spoil the fact that they give lots of smiles and laughter to a lot of people, also considering the fact that they help bring people together through ugly sweater parties.

In these parties, one would have to look for the ugliest Christmas sweater they can find in order to best out all the other party attendees. Talk about embracing the ugliness. Now since ugly sweater parties have already been mentioned, here are a few tips to help you organize one.

  1. The first step should always revolve around making invitations because they could either make or break an ugly sweater party. Exaggeration is tolerated in ugly Christmas sweater parties so don’t ever worry about going overboard.
  2. Make sure to decorate your venue in a way that is suitable for an ugly sweater party, suitable being whimsical, festive and lots and lots of crazy!
  3. The level of your sweater’s craziness would depend on you but keep in mind that these tacky tops are the main stars of the show. It is completely okay for you and your guests to let loose during an ugly sweater party. You can either purchase from online stores like or get one from your great aunt’s old trunk.
  4. Table for Treats. Treat your guest to a variety of desserts and appetizers by placing a table specifically for treats.
  5. Photo Booth. If you want to take your party to another level, try putting a DIY photo booth. Just be prepared for the onslaught of goofy pictures that are sure to come your way.
  6. Food & Drinks. Make sure your guests have adequate food and drinks; you would not want them to starve on a crazy night.
  7. Keep your guests alive by setting up creative and engaging games that the crowd will enjoy.