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Bangkok has a lot things for attracting tourists. For anyone staying in a Hotel near Central Embassy, they know full well that Mega Malls in the capital are very much a thing. Usually, they set the kind of tone for what kind of vendors that they have, and what you should be expecting when you go there.

For example, the oldest, most historic mall in the capital, MBK, focuses on small Thai vendors, perfect for those looking for more traditional wares to take back to their loved ones. For those looking for something customized and personalized, Siam Discovery is the place.

However, the people who usually stay in a Hotel near Central Embassy are of the more luxurious sort, and the mall embraces it. The brand-new, ultra-luxurious mall is a fairly new fixture, but, nevertheless, worth visiting.

The food court

The mall’s food court isn’t like most food courts, they’re more like the street vendors across the capital, but, you know, with a roof. A lot of the vendors there specialize in various Thai dishes. It’s much fancier though, as you pay with a card that you load up with cash in the food court. Don’t worry about loading too much, as any funds you didn’t use in the card will be refunded to you after. Better to have to get a refund than have to load up just to pay for an extra plate of rice.

These cooks and restaurateurs offer great food, enjoyed by foreign visitors and locals alike, side-by-side.


Dishes usually cost around 45-250 baht ($1.35-$7.35) depending on the dish and its size. You can enjoy them on plastic plates, yes, plastic plates, and the food courts have suits and flip-flops sitting and eating alongside each other. If you want to flaunt your money, you can spend $10/person.

Why visit?

Central Embassy is an upscale mall in Bangkok, with a food court that offers its food in rotating specialty stalls, like food trucks. The food is high quality, the prices aren’t really much higher; being on par with most food courts, and the offerings are different from what you’ll see in other places.