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Regular inspection and maintenance of the car is essential to keep it in perfect condition. It is very important to have a trusted mechanic to take care of the repairs and maintenance of the car. Follow these guidelines to choose a professional and qualified technician.

Choose a mechanic earlier

Do not wait for the car to breakdown or for an emergency to choose a cheap mechanic on the Gold Coast, who can be trusted. Searching at the last minute, restricts options and does not give enough time to examine the credentials of the mechanics and choose a reputed mechanic.

Ask for recommendations

Speak to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to get recommendations about professional mechanics in the neighbourhood. Get reviews from past clients or visit online forums to read customer testimonials and feedback. Some of the mechanics also have their own websites which feature testimonials of the past clients.

Verify the certifications and memberships

Check the certification of the mechanics to ensure that they are well competent and trained to handle the repairs and maintenance tasks of the car. Also verify their memberships in different trade organizations and industry regulation bodies.

Get quotes

Get quotes from different mechanics in the neighbourhood. The price quoted by a mechanic includes the labour, the cost of the spare parts and the price for technical expertise and quality of service. However, do not base the decision on price alone, consider other factors like the reputation, experience and certifications of the mechanic, before making the decision.

Consider car dealerships vs mechanics

The cost of getting a car repaired at a dealership is generally higher when compared to the mechanics. However, compare the quality of service, availability of different parts and warranties provided, before making a choice. It is advisable to visit the dealership, if the car is new and the warranty period is still going on.

Schedule an interview

Visit the shop of the cheap mechanic on the Gold Coast, to have a final discussion. Ask questions about the different services provided by them, their experience in repairing cars of a specific manufacturer and their certifications. The mechanic should be willing to answer the questions patiently and provide the required information. Steer clear of mechanics who do not have a friendly and professional attitude.