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Kanchanaburi is a city in the western part of Thailand. This is a magnet for travelers because of the number of things to see and do while in the city. It welcomes nature lovers and even those who are interested to know more about the history of the place and Thailand at the time when World War II erupted. There are many accommodations available for tourists from Kanchanaburi river resort to hotels.

  • One of the most popular sites in Kanchanaburi is the bridge and below it is the River Kwai. This is where luxurious resorts are located along with many restaurants intended for guests looking for fine-dining experience. A great play to relax while enjoying the scenic view of the river. There are also floating restaurants in the water that are worth trying while the bridge is something that must not be missed while in the area.
  • Many stories have been published how elephants are badly treated by caretakers in Thailand in order to earn money from tourists. Elephant’s World is worth visiting for tourists to see a different side of the story. This is where rescued elephants are taken care of while letting them roam around in their natural environment. Travelers are given the chance to closely see them without disturbing their peace.
  • For history buffs, the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum should be on top of the list. This museum holds memories and proofs of how the Japanese ordered prisoners to construct a railway which led to the deaths of many prisoners of war and local civilians. The museum was built in partnership between the Australian government and the Royal Thai Armed Forces Development Command.
  • Erawan National Park is the magnet that lures nature lovers into Kanchanaburi. It houses a waterfall with seven tiers. The park is covered by 81 per cent of forest and the remaining parts are covered with evergreens. Tourists can enjoy the plunge pools available in the park.

Tourists that are staying in a Kanchanaburi river resort should also visit the Srinakarin National Park, the Thai-Burma Railway and Wat ThamSua. For activities they can try enrolling in a cookery class, experience the local cuisine or participate in water sports as well as boat tours.