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Before sending a parcel, we think about asking for the courier quote but we often overlooked the fact that we have no idea how to pack packages properly to avoid damage during transit. It is not a good feeling to receive a parcel with damaged items inside because the sender failed to make sure that these are packed properly.

The first thing you need to have when packing a parcel is a robust box. It should be new with double walls. While it might be environmental friendly to reuse boxes you have lying around, that might not be a good idea. For one, cardboard boxes can be damaged faster and the protection is not the same when the box is already damaged. Shipping packages especially to somewhere far away requires a sturdy box that will hold the items while travelling. Prior to sending the box, make sure that there are no other writings outside that might confuse the courier on where to send the parcel.

You might be tempted to use cloth bags or also known as fabric bags because they are pretty on the eyes but it is a bad idea to begin with. They might look presentable to you but it does not provide any level of protection especially if the recipient is living in another country. Using bubble wrap does not guarantee that the items will be safe. If you know there is a possibility of the contents being damaged on the way, use robust material.

Do not forget to use bubble wrap regardless of how small or big the item is. This will provide another protective layer and will cushion the item in case it moves around while on transit. This is essential for fragile items to be sent through a courier. Remember that courier will not cover the damage with their insurance if they know the packing is not done properly.

When asking for the courier quote, make sure to inquire about insurance especially if you are sending expensive items. If it is possible to hand the item in person without going through a courier, it is recommended because some couriers have limit when it comes to the declared of the item to be sent.