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You as a parent have the right to check the video games that your children are playing. You can do your own research and buy games for cheap if you think that particular game will be beneficial or stimulating for them. The problem is that majority of the parents nowadays haven’t even played video games before. How do they choose the appropriate ones for their kids?

The first thing to check before purchasing a game is the rating. The letter E on the cover indicates that the game is for everyone. It means that everyone, as long as they are 6 years old and above, can play the game. This rating is similar to the PG movies. The letter T means the video game is intended for kids aged 13 years old and above. This is similar to a movie with rated PG-13. The next rating is M for mature players aged 17 years old and above. These games are not intended for children because there may be sexual contents or foul language used. Some of these games may contain violence too which are not recommended for children.

When the rating is indicated as “RP”, it means rating pending. The game was just recently submitted to the Entertainment Software Rating Board and currently on the process of being evaluated for proper rating. AO rating means adults only aged 18 years old and above. This is too much for kids to handle and they must not get their hands on these types of games. EC, on the other hand, is intended for early childhood which means three years old and above. These are good for kids but might not be challenging for children who are over 5 years old.

After checking the rating, reading the reviews is also recommended to see what other players think of the game. This prevents the need to test the game. Before actually deciding to buy games for cheap, look in your area if you can rent the particular game and this way your child can test it out before purchasing. This avoids the need to spend money on video games they might not want after all.