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Colombian women are beautiful and warm. They are charming and friendly. Most men from western countries dream of having a Colombian wife. They visit Colombia and other Latin American countries to meet these women and date them. Colombian women are smart, love to enjoy life and are confident.

If you are one of the men interested to meet Colombian women and date them, here are some tips I suggest to be safe and get a warm and caring Colombian women to be your partner.

  1. Be sure what you want from the relationship. Meet Colombian women and get to know them personally, before planning for the next step. Most of the women are genuine but there will be some gold diggers waiting to lure you for money and visa to western countries. When you date Colombian women, be clear what you want from the relationship. You can guess the true intentions of these women by looking at the pictures in dating sites. Be careful with women who need access to your credit card and are constantly asking for money. Choose a women who is confident, interested in building a career of her own and who can have a nice conversation about different topics of interest.
  2. Meet Colombian women and impress them with your dancing skills. This is the best way to impress a Colombian women. These women hate men who sit and drink all night. Display your dancing skills and charm these women. Do not talk much on the dance floor. The club is a place to dance and display body language, so keep talking on the dance floor to a minimum.
  3. Aguardiente is the alcohol made out of sugarcane and Colombian people like to consume it. The strong drink is often had in glass shots. Be careful when you take this drink, especially if you are not accustomed to having strong drinks. Colombian girls love to have this drink and dance a lot.
  4. Physical contact is normal in the Latin countries. If you meet Colombian women and they stay close to you, do not assume it to be a sign to be intimate. Act like a true gentleman and compliment the women genuinely. Columbian women like to be flattered with good-hearted comments about their beauty.