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Bangkok is the perfect destination to conduct business meetings. The city is well connected with all the important cities around the world and has a number of world-class meeting venues, which makes it a preferred choice to organize business meetings.

Sukhumvit is the centrally located business district in Bangkok. The area is well connected to other business districts in the city and important locations like the airport. The area is easily accessible through mass transit systems like BRT and MTS. Choosing hotels with meeting space in Sukhumvit, is the best choice for organizers searching for meeting venues in Bangkok.

Searching for event venues is a daunting and time consuming task. Given the number of options, most of the organizers find it difficult to select a venue that suits their requirements. Here are some factors to consider before choosing a venue.


The location of the venue is the primary factor to consider while searching for venues. The venue must be centrally located and easily accessible. Choose a hotel with meeting space in Sukhumvit that is located close to the MRT or BTS stations. Guests can easily arrive at the venue by using the mass transit systems.

Parking facilities

Parking facilities available at the venue is another important factor to consider. The venue or the hotel should have optimum parking capacity to accommodate the vehicles of all your participants. Choose a hotel or venue that has good parking facilities.

Capacity of the venue

Make a list of your participants to determine the space you require. Choose a meeting venue that can comfortably accommodate all the participants. Overcrowded venues tend to distract the participants making it hard for them to concentrate on the proceedings of the meeting. Most of the hotels with meeting space in Sukhumvit have spaces that can be customized according to the client requirements.


The amenities provided at the venue are also important. Choose a meeting space in Sukhumvit that provides all the latest amenities like fast Wi-Fi, projectors, microphones and other audio-visual equipment, catering facilities, entertainment and relaxation facilities to the participants etc. the venue should also provide customized seating arrangements to suit the style of the meeting.