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Buying a motorcycle seems to be a daunting task for new buyers. It involves a number of steps like researching the model and brand of bike, determining whether to bike an old or new bike, searching for a reputed dealer, arranging finance options, taking care of insurance requirements, obtaining the necessary riding licenses and buying the right riding gear and accessories for the motorcycle.

Negotiating a fair price for the motorcycle is very important to ensure that the buyer gets a good deal. Here are some tips to help the buyers of new or used Aprilia bikes or other brands to negotiate with the dealer.

  1. Research the model of motorcycle before visiting the dealer. Once the buyer selects the model and brand of the motorcycle, the next step is to look in magazines, internet and other sources that provide information about motorcycles. Research the demand and current asking for the price of the preferred model. Find out about the offers and special discounts provided by different dealers on the price of the bike. Entering a dealership with prior information helps the buyers to negotiate a good deal for their Aprilia bike or other motorbikes.
  2. The buyers should find out their credit score before entering the dealerships. Most of the dealerships offer financing at attractive interest rates and promotional offers for buyers with a good credit score. Buyers should also check the manufacturer’s website to know about the finance schemes and rebates offered by the manufacturer on different models and brands.
  3. Negotiate the bottom-line price of the Aprilia bike inclusive of all the taxes and fees. Buyers should not talk about monthly instalments before finalizing the price of the motorbike.
  4. While negotiating the price of the motorcycle, the buyers should be confident and reasonable. Arrive at a reasonable figure after conducting thorough research about the model of the bike and its asking rate.
  5. Be patient and let the salesperson of the dealership selling Aprilia bike and other brands of motorbikes workout a good deal. Ask for discounts, rebates and freebies in the form of free accessories or riding gear. Work for a good overall deal that is profitable for both the buyer and seller.