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Most of the students find science and maths, difficult to study. They need extra guidance and coaching to help them bridge the knowledge gaps in these subjects and gain concept clarity. Attending group tuitions or hiring a private tutor are the two options that help students to get the necessary guidance.

Selecting a right tutor for science tuition Singapore can help the students, who lag behind in the subject, to polish their skills and be on par with their classmates. Most parents feel that it is a challenging task to find the right tutor for their kids.

Here are some useful tips to help parents, choose a professional science tutor

Experience and expertise

The tutor offering science tuition Singapore should have good knowledge of the subject. He should be an expert in science and must be experienced in teaching science to students of different age groups.  Tutors with experience can easily analyze the students learning style and come up with teaching plans that suit the student. Selecting an experienced tutor is very critical, if the child is a slow learner or suffers from learning disabilities.


Get references from school, other parents, family and friends. They can provide references of experienced tutors or professional agencies for science tuition Singapore. Asking for references from known sources, allows parents to get first-hand information about the quality and effectiveness of the tutor. Parents can also get references from newspapers, educational magazines, tutoring websites and online parenting forums.

Check credentials

It is important to check the credentials of prospective tutors. Schedule an initial appointment and have an open discussion with the tutor. The tutor should be professional and must be easy to communicate. Ask to see their certifications and testimonials from past students. Also get a police certification, if the child will be alone during the tuitions. Ask for references of past students, and speak to their parents about the personality and teaching skills of the tutor.


Compare the fees charged by different tutors and science tuition Singapore agencies. The fees generally depends on the qualifications and experience of the tutor. Select a tutor, who offers value for money. However, do not base the decision on fees alone. Consider other factors like experience, expertise, effectiveness, and ability etc. to make the choice.