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The world is currently at a crisis. For quite some time now, the Earth had been suffering from numerous problems and most of which are caused by human error. It also doesn’t help that many people are numb to the problems that the planet is experiencing and because of this, advancement towards an achievable solution would likely be slowed down. If you do care about the planet, you are probably telling yourself that you alone can only do little. However, you should know that even the simplest of sincere actions can help save this planet.

While you may not be able to stop Global Warming and Climate Change, or put a solution to pollution or save numerous endangered species, there are certain things that you can do to help achieve these goals. By choosing to live an earth-friendly lifestyle and making wise decisions on how you live your life and the amount of resources that you consume, you would be able to send a message not only to the businesses and the politicians who value as a customer and citizen, you would also send a positive message to other people who may need a little help in opening their eyes.

Here are some ways you can do that can help save the planet.

  1. Driving less and smart. Remember that whenever you leave your car at home, you are unknowingly helping in reducing air pollution and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. You are also helping improve your health and saving money. For as long as you can walk, try to walk.
  2. Eating vegetables. Eating meat contributes a lot to global warming because the raising of livestock for food production is responsible for a wide percentage of greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Using Reusable or Paper Bags. If you choose to use a paper bag or a reusable bag instead of a plastic bag, you are helping the environment because plastic is a hazard not only to the surrounding landscape and waterways, but to the animals that live these habitats as well.
  4. Using energy efficient light bulbs. You are helping the planet by shifting towards energy efficient light bulbs such as LEDs and compact fluorescent light bulbs because they consume less energy and are less expensive.