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To say that managing an event is a lot of work, is a very strong understatement, regardless of the size. BUt the larger events, naturally, take more work than the smaller ones. Take, for example, Content Marketing World, one of the biggest events of its kind in the United States, so big, that it’s closing speaker is the Tina Fey.

The event is managed by a dedicated team of 29 people working around the clock throughout the year, making sure nothing goes wrong. One of these members is VP of Marketing Cathy Mc Philips, who has been kind enough to share some advice on how to people can handle conference management services for good events.

It’s all about the details

This is the #1 trait that Cathy recommended to look for handling conference management services, a trait that, she says, should apply to everyone in the event marketing business. An event planner should be able to think of every experience an attendee might go through, and they should be able to make it as good as possible, down to the most minute details.

Make the event mesh with your marketing strategy

An event should always tie into your marketing goals, to further the company’s brand. Consider what your company aims to do when you’re planning and event, as event marketing is huge when it comes to increasing brand awareness. Don’t just tell people at the event what your company’s name is, let them know what the company does.

Be passionate

Every job in marketing can be trying at times, but the condensed periods of high activity and stress required by handling conference management services is tough to beat. Professionals that work in that field are not only organized people, they’re “people people”, who enjoy working with people and making the event something people will enjoy. And that’s the key thing, Cathy says, as the event needs that personal spark to make it good, saying that if the team behind an event isn’t passionate and interested in the event, how could they expect anyone else to be excited about it?

Make it fun

It’s a corporate event, maybe, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining. Content Marketing World, for example is all about the colour orange. Even the food is orange. Cathy explains that this is because the company has an orange logo, and, with orange being one of the most “unprofessional” colours there are, it gave their company and event personality. Whatever it is that makes your company unique, take it and apply it to you event in a fun way, something unexpected and full of energy, the kind of thing that gets people really talking.