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It is not common to find a large and spacious park in the central business district of a thriving city like Bangkok; however, there is Lumpini Park with its huge lake and paddle boats. The park is the favourite of office workers who want to do some early morning jogging or aerobic exercises to keep themselves fit. A hotel near Lumpini Park is just a few minutes away and hotel guests can enjoy the early morning hours walking or running on the well tended paths.

Bangkok is similar to any city in the world. It has a vibrant street life, traffic, tourist attractions and cultural landmarks. Aside from being a popular tourist destination, Bangkok is also an international transport hub and a regional force in finance and business. However, a breath of fresh air can still be experienced in the middle of the crowded metropolis.

Lumpini Park allows both the local Thais and foreign tourists a brief taste of nature. A leisurely stroll along the maze-like pathways will bring you to the gardens with rare indigenous flora. While skyscrapers can be seen in between the trees, you can kick off your shoes and allow your feet to rest on the morning-dewed grass. You can sit peacefully and watch people stroll by. If want to get the blood flowing, you can jog or cycle, perform some yoga exercises or try your hand at fencing, tai chi and ballroom dancing.

Once you feel the hunger pains, rent a mat for 30 baht and buy some delicious snacks from the park vendors. After the stomach is full, you can read a book, meditate or continue watching families having a picnic. If you are lucky, you can meet some of the urban survivors that include young crocodiles wading from the pond to sunbathe, squirrels performing some acrobatic stunts and palm-sized molluscs making a pilgrimage on the lawns.

You certainly will not expect to find a park in the middle of the metropolis but hotel near Lumpini Park will allow you the daily chlorophyll fix. There is nothing more convenient than booking your accommodations near the park and other attractions because of the fast and easy journey.