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England and its people live for the sports of football. In fact, the country has more or less 5,300 football clubs and it is comprised of 140 individual leagues. It is not surprising that it is considered as a haven for football stadiums and if you are a fan of the sports then you should not miss visiting these whenever you are in the United Kingdom. To give you a rundown of the best, here are the top 10 football stadiums worth visiting in your lifetime in no particular order.

  • Anfield stadium in Liverpool. One of the most iconic and it is also the birthplace of the Liverpool FC. It is known to be the 6th largest in the entire England as it can accommodate 54,074 seating fans. One of the reasons why it is very popular is the Spion Kop. A recent accommodation has been done to accommodate more seating fans in the future.
  • The City Ground Station in Nottingham, England which is beside the River Trent. It is the home of the Nottingham Forest football team. It can seat around 30,000 audiences with a breath-taking view.
  • The Kirklees Stadium is the pride of the Huddersfield Town football club. This is also home to the Huddersfield Giants, the rugby league.It can seat around 24,000 people. in 1995, it was recognized as the RIBA Building of the Year because of its arches which resembles the shape of a banana.
  • Craven Cottage is in Bishop’s Park adjacent to the River Thames. It boasts of its own football club known as the Fulham FC. According to history, the stadium used to be the location of a royal hunting lodge. It is well-known because of its pavilion which was recently constructed since the original was burned down in 1888.
  • Old Trafford is the home of Manchester United and it is famously tagged as the Theatre of Dream. The iconic football stadium has a lot of history to tell. It can accommodate around 80,000 fans.
  • Wembley is the birthplace of Tottenham. While there are many football stadiums in England, it is considered to be the most beautiful and one the largest in the globe. The Wembley Arch towers to an impressive height of 134 meters and it is already considered as a London landmark.