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The trend in digital marketing changes every year. It is important for marketers to adapt in order to cater to the needs of the consumers. Let us look at the top marketing techniques which will be dominant for the year 2017.

  • Content marketing will continue to rock the marketing industry. It has been included in the top 3 digital marketing strategies for the last three consecutive years. A lot of businesses, around 40 per cent, are now employing strategic approach which is why this trend will continue to prosper. It is also foreseen that there will be more emphasis on how the ROI of content marketing is measured because there is a continued increased in cost as well as competition. According to Scott Brinker, Martech Guru, there are 4 waves in content marketing – web pages, rich content, personalization and marketing apps.
  • Big data marketing will cover market insights as well as those of the consumers which will include predictive analysis. This is a major trend in digital marketing because of the three Vs – data variety, data velocity and data volume. Many businesses have already attested to the higher volume thus they want to use it as a key to increasing their sales by website personalization and utilizing email marketing.
  • Marketing automation will also be prevalent for this year which includes web personalization, CRM and behavioral email marketing. Marketing automation has been included in the top 3 along with content marketing but it has gained popularity over 5 year ago. Many businesses will be able to benefit if they will improve their marketing automation.
  • Mobile marketing takes the fourth spot. It used to be included in the top three but because many companies have already adapted with marketing innovation and made use of web design that are mobile responsive, less focus is given to this strategy. It takes center stage once more because of research revealing that conversion rates in smartphones is lower and could still be further improved by businesses in order to have optimum conversion in their mobile websites.