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If you think funeral is done the same way, you might be surprised by the number of funeral services in Sydney because there are five different kinds of ceremonies that is done in the Western part of the world. This article will be able to help you decide which one is suitable for the person who passed away.

  • Funeral Service. This ceremony is a formal one centering on the religious beliefs of the person who passed away. This is done to celebrate and remember the life of the deceased. This is usually done a few days after the death and conducted in the church, funeral home or the house of the person who passed away. This is attended by close friends and family members. This requires the presence of the body of the decease and should not be cremated beforehand. After the funeral service is when the burial or cremation is done.
  • Memorial Service. Once the body has been buried or cremated, the memorial service takes place which is a way for the loved ones left behind to remember and celebrate the life of the deceased. The major difference between a funeral and a memorial service is the presence of the body of the person who passed away. Without the body, the memorial service can be done with less urgency and could be between days or a year after the death.
  • Graveside Service. It can be done together with a funeral or memorial services but there are families that chose to do a single event out of it. This is brief and usually includes a prayer which is done on the graveside or during cremation.
  • Viewings/Visitations. This is a chance for families and friends to comfort one another while they are grieving or mourning their loss.
  • Funeral reception. This is one of the funeral services in Sydney and held once the formal service is over. The setting is more casual and a chance for family members and friends to celebrate and remember the one who passed away. During this event, foods and drinks are provided by the family.