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Companies are conducting team building in Sydney because it helps booster teamwork and creates a stronger bond between employees. For organizers, they have heard a lot of misconceptions about team building which could put off some company managers therefore they decide against it. Experts gave their piece of mind regarding these myths and have corrected them below.

The first is the myth that team building events are expensive or requires a lot of funding. This is the reason why many company managers do not agree with team building because they think that they will have to fork out a lot of money in order for the event to be organized. This was brought on by the misconception that team buildings are given in order for employees to have paid vacations while spending the company’s money. This is not true because team buildings can either be cheap or expensive depending on the organizer and the type of activities chosen.

Some company managers do not think about the budget but they are not sure about the positive impacts of the team building. After all, it is true there is no way to measure just how much the company has benefited from the event. Let us just look at tech giant Google and its take on the importance of team building. The company recognizes that it will help the employees to connect regardless of where they come from or what they have been through in life because they are working to achieve the same goal.

There are myths about the results being impossible to be noticed right after the team building is over. This is not true because having the same goal for one day could change how people interact with one another and this in itself is a stepping stone in order to change the office culture into something better.

Many employees who have been to team building in Sydney think that the activities are kind of awkward and bordering cheesy. This is because individuals are forced to do what they do not usually do and this alone can foster the feeling of awkwardness.