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Smaller venues like boutique hotel in Saigon are competing with bigger hotels. Boutique hotels have limited function facilities which cannot compete with the marketing strategies of international hotel chains when they promote business meetings. However, boutique hotels have the advantage of location and facilities to win clients.

Boutique hotels usually have a special style and an atmosphere thatis personalizedfor the guests. Boutique hotels differ from the international chain hotels in the harmonious combination of a luxurious interior and the comfortable ambience of home. Travellers who are bored with the standard décor in rooms and the same network brand have the option of boutique hotels that do not have two identical rooms.

Hotel chains like Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Westin and Marriot can be found all over the world. The brand name speaks well for the quality of services they provide that is why they are able to attract international travellers. Hotels chains usually host private parties for well known celebrities in the movie industry.

Hotel chains have standardized and optimized workflows and facilities. When you visit one of the hotel chains in a certain country, you are always assured of high quality of service from trained staff. They usually offer loyalty programs to guests so that they can avail of special price offers and bonuses for more comfort and convenience when visiting the hotel brand in another country.

Meanwhile, many travellers prefer the customized room designs of boutique hotels. The individualized approach is used when designing the interiors so that guests will always remember their visit. The hotel is also quiet and cosy and feels like you are at home. It is best for value accommodation with impeccable and friendly service. However, the choice will always depend on individual preferences and certain requirements like price, facilities, location and room design.

If you want a hotel that is also an art museum, your best option is boutique hotel in Saigon that is modern work of art itself. The walls are adorned with the owner’s personal collection of paintings and antiques. As you peruse the gallery, you can travel back in time to Vietnam in the 1930’s. Rooms are inspired by art in all its forms.